Osteomancy - psychic readings (divination) through the use of bones, shells, stones and charms - is a type of spiritual guidance that connects to the energies of those who have passed.  Our Spirits are energy with personality and individuality - a Soul.  Because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it needs to go somewhere once the body has ceased to house it.  Osteomancy uses the "residuals" - the parts of the body resistant to decay - to connect with and symbolize the energy they once held.

I use an ever-growing set of symbolic items to connect with that energy and impart guidance to help you to see unhealthy patterns, tackle tough personal and interpersonal problems and take care of yourself and get or keep your life on track.  Remember, your ancestors - your family line - want what's best for you, as they have a vested interest in your happiness - it makes them happy, too!  And it advances the family purpose that they forged to make their impact on the world.  It continues through you and your family!

Please browse the site, and get to know the Bones in my set and what they mean in your reading.  And I'm more than a psychic - take a look at my art and writings while you're here!  I look forward to working with you!


Curious about the golden orbs in the photos on this page?  Learn more about them here

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Meet the Bones!

New to the world of Osteomancy (Bone Reading)?  Learn about the Bones and the Process here!

Meet the Bones!

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I do Bone Casting Readings in person (at shows or in private), or by phone or Skype.  I even do Bone Reading Parties!  Use our handy scheduler to make your appointment today!

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In addition to being an Osteomancer, I'm also an artist!  Check out some of my offerings at Twin Flame Arts

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I'm an author as well!  Click here to find out more about my books and articles!

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I do readings in person (at shows or in private) and via phone/Skype.  Use our handy scheduler to make your appointment today!