When my photographer, Ginger Drew of Ginger Soul Photography, took the photos for my site, it was an ordinary day in mid-November, 2017 in Westbrook, Maine.  In fact, it was the day after my birthday.  We didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, apart from the curious ducks paddling near us on the Stroudwater River and the unseasonable warmth. It was about 3:00 in the afternoon when we began. Ginger took close to 150 photos, good-naturedly "posing" her reluctant model (I hate having my picture taken) a few times ("sit here, look over your shoulder, now stand over here, move the scarf more, try to relax...," etc.), and after each pose snapping away to be sure that she had enough so that I would be sure to be happy with at least a few (I also hate pictures of myself as a rule).  She presented me with about 50 of the best shots from which to choose (as  it turned out, I had trouble choosing because Ginger takes such awesome photos!  Unsolicited endorsement!).  In the middle of the batch we came upon one that made me gasp out loud.

"What's that?"  I asked.

"I don't know," Ginger admitted.  "It's not a lens flare, because it's not round, and some of them are in the shadows.  It's also got a well-defined, multicolored and layered core."

"Them?  There are more??"

"There are four of them.  I've tried to figure out what they are.  I zoomed in, and the centers have white lines.  I've never seen anything like it."

I have - Spirit Orbs.  I've seen pictures on the web (although those admittedly included some obvious fakes, rain and sun reflections and lens flares), and a few with my own eyes, in houses and an old workplace I knew were "haunted" - inhabited by Spirits who are making themselves known to us.  Orbs are the visual evidence of their communication attempts - "signs," so to speak.  As you can see above, in unretouched succession, the orb approached from my left, moved to my heart, settled in the basket, then moved toward the camera.  The orb isn't visible in the photos before or after these, even though neither I nor Ginger moved position as she was snapping these particular shots.  I've enlarged them to show you the details.  I wish I had the type of software that could enhance the enlargements!

I see these photos as visual proof of what I've known all along - the Bones are full of life and Spirit... and they have much to communicate.