There are many opportunities to find The Bones Speak!

You may always contact me for a private reading, in person or by phone, or a party.

Recurring Events:

Mind Body Spirit Festivals - Usually held at four different venues throughout the  year. I do readings and sell glass jewelry and other items at these events. I will attend three of these festivals in 2021:

September 11 at the Elm, 21 College Ave, Waterville, ME 10-4

October 10 at the Hilton Garden Inn, 5 Park St, Freeport ME 10-4

November 6 at the Fairfield Community Center, 61 Water St, Fairfield, ME 10-4


Where can you find The Bones Speak?  See the calendar below for information on the events listed above, and others as they arise!  If you'd like to schedule a reading at any of these events, please contact me here.