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What Clients of The Bones Speak are saying:

Tracy is the real deal! I went to a metaphysical fair and said to myself I wasnt going to have a reading unless someone really “spoke” to me. I was about to leave, stopped at Tracy’s table and was intrigued by the bone castings. 
I felt a beautiful, inviting vibe from her and decided to have a reading.  It was 100% spot on!  I am still surprised by how eerily accurate this reading was. My friend and I still talk about it to this day! 
And bonus, Tracy is one of the kindest souls I’ve come across!

I can’t wait to see her again and have another reading and experience!

– Sea M., Scarborough, ME


I first learned about Tracy through an individual who had encountered her at an event and was impressed by the readings both she and her friend had received. I wondered what in the world a bones reading was and how this could be legitimate, yet the person was describing very accurate and helpful information. I decided to see for myself and have now had several readings. The guidance Tracy is able to provide is quite unique, and extremely helpful. She is able to pick up on significant things to come, as well as past or present influences, and parts of our lives that need addressing/healing. Tracy not only has an amazing gift… she’s a wonderful human being!

– Alyssa H, Portland, ME


Tracy is simply amazing!! I had my first reading with her a little over a year ago at an event, and literally everything she told me was specific to my worries at the time (I’ve had plenty of cold medium, tarot, etc. readings to know what’s up).

She was so warm and fun and caring, that I had her join my birthday party just two months later. I figured that my own reading might be affected by the fact that I had just had one, but it was still dead-on (pun intended) – it was the same dynamics at work but showed a progression where I had made changes in my life since.

More importantly, my friends were all so touched by their readings – each one was so specific to the person and addressed the worries that were troubling them at that time. It was actually a chance for a couple of them to open up about what they had been going through without the rest of us realizing.

Tracy’s readings and empathy (and fun! and amazingness!) had each guest leave the party feeling 100% better than when they came, and that was the greatest gift I could possibly have received.

If you’re on the fence about getting a reading, GET ONE! Tracy legitimately changed about a dozen lives in the span of 3 hours, and everyone is still talking about how amazing she was over a year later. 

– Kate S, Lewiston, ME