About Tracy Arietti

I am an attorney and mediator who left the world of conflict to follow my dream to create and connect.  I spend my days writing, creating art and enjoying the beautiful views afforded by my lakeside home -  and sharing psychic readings to help others.

I have been touching the "other side" since I was a child, and have always felt at home in places where others fear to tread.  I know that there are spirits around me, around you, around everyone, because I feel them - and sometimes see and hear them as well!  I began doing psychic readings because they often want to share information with those they love.  I want to share my experiences, and those messages,  with you.

I share my life with my grown children, my three cats and my Twin Flame Ricardo - thus the name of my art studio - Twin Flame Arts.  Contact me for an appointment today!

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Next Steps...

I do readings in person (at shows or privately) and over the phone/skype.  Use our handy scheduler to make your appointment today!