In-Person Reading

Sometimes what happens in an Osteomancy reading is very private and personal.  It makes sense, then, that you'd want to have a session in private, in my studio in Auburn or, in good weather, our lakeside home.  Prices start at $60 for a half-hour session.  Bring a friend and save! Up to three people may come at once to receive a private reading, one at a time, at $55 each. This special pricing only applies to more than one person receiving a reading at one appointment.

I also do readings and workshops at Psychic Fairs and other shows in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Because of the volume I'm able to do at shows, the prices are often lower (though the readings tend to be a bit shorter).  Check the Events page to see where I'll be next!


Phone/Skype Reading

If you live far enough from me to make travel impractical, phone/Skype readings are also available.  Although you would miss the experience of being "with" the Bones, you will receive the same guidance and attention from our Ancestors and Guides.  Prices begin at $50.

Manifestation/Therapeutic Art Coaching

I have learned some invaluable techniques for making things happen in my life that I teach to others to bring them what they desire most - most notably drawing in your One True Love or Twin Flame, but also a new job, a better financial picture, a forever home, etc.

I am also a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. I will help you to use artistic expression to handle traumatic events, work through stress or get closer to Spirit.

Prices for coaching sessions start at $120 per hour.  Contact me for details.

Home Parties

What can be more fun than your own private Bone Reading Party?!  Psychic Reading parties are a unique way to spend time with your friends, and celebrate a special event (birthday, bridal/baby showers and graduations!), holiday (Halloween - of course!) or just for fun!  Prices start at $135 per hour.  Two-hour minimum, 8 guest limit.  Travel fees may apply.

Schedule your session today!

Please contact me for your appointment date and time before paying for your session on the website. You may also pay via Zelle - ask for information. Click the "Information" button for session info, policies and payment options.