Baby, I Got Your Number

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m not a big fan of numbers. My life partner, who looks at spread sheets a lot, likes to say, “Math is your friend.” No, no, just no. Math is my nemesis. I can’t even put it in the frenemies category. We don’t speak the same language. And I’m okay with that. When I was in high school, I took the required math courses and that was it. I stopped taking math and science after tenth grade, and began taking languages (which I love) as electives instead. In college I took “Math for Managerial Sciences”… in other words, “Math for People Who Hate Math, Here’s Your One Credit Now Go On Your Way.” Let’s just say that Pythagoras and I aren’t kindred spirits.

Don’t get me wrong – I can DO math. Calculators and computers exist for a reason. I can create and maintain a budget, keep a balance sheet and P&L for my business and use Excel like it’s my job (at one point in time, it was). But does Sudoku sound like a good time to me?? Nope.

Although I’ve been into weird stuff since I was a kid, I wasn’t terribly interested in the significance and spirituality of numbers. It’s not that I didn’t “believe” in it, but it really wasn’t something that I ever wanted to pursue. Because… math. I did tarot readings and there’s a certain amount of numerology involved with the cards, but it never really “took” in my brain.

One day almost ten years ago I was working at a psychic fair that was deadly slow. When things are slow at psychic fairs and there’s no money to be made, we tend to read for one another to pass the time. As it turned out the woman next to me was doing numerology readings and we offered to trade. What happened next really changed my mind, not so much about math, but about the significance of numbers in our lives.

My life is quirky in lots of ways, one of which pertains to the moment of my birth; which was exactly at midnight (same as Tesla!). On my birthday, my mother would say, “Really tomorrow is your birthday, but they asked me to choose because it was too close to decide, and I chose the day of the hard work I put in to get you born.” So I always kind of had two birthdays. She would always save a gift for the next morning, and would call me at midnight when I was at college to remind me when I was born (yes, I was asleep – not really a party animal).

So, when Darlene, the numerologist, asked me about my name and birthdate to do my numerology chart, I told her my birthday story. She loved the story, and decided to do two charts, one for each date. The result was really fascinating. In addition to all of the artsy, metaphysical and woowoo stuff that I have chosen to pursue, I’m also an attorney, mediator and arbitrator. As it turns out, this odd juxtaposition may be accounted for, at least numerologically speaking, because of the odd circumstances of my birth. The chart for my “official” birthday showed a spiritual path. The first actual day on which I took breath was the legal side. The analytical and metaphysical were part of me from birth, according to my numerology chart. Similarly, when Darlene charted the letters in my name, the different names I have used during my life (my birth name, and name changes due to marriage, divorce, and remarriage) all closely aligned numerologically with what was happening in my life at those times. It made me want to learn more.

As I got deeper into my spiritual growth, surrendered to becoming an artist and began to see the beauty in such things as the Fibonacci sequences and spirals, nature’s symmetry, and the evocative meter of music, I delved more deeply into how numbers connect us to Spirit. I began to do some research on numerological phenomena, such as number synchronicity, patterns, sequences and symbolism. Paganism is rife with magic numbers – three, five, nine, twelve and thirteen being chief among them. I wanted to know why. But any time spent finding out how the magic of the triquetra and pentacle and the zodiac arose is time spent slipping further down the rabbit hole – there is just SO much to learn! And I have a long way to go. I thought I would give a little taste of a couple of the more familiar number spirituality topics in this blog, a drop in the ocean, and if you’re curious I encourage you to research further.

I think that the “11:11” phenomenon is one that’s starting to seep into popular culture little by little. I remember the flood of folks wanting to get married on 11/11/11 ten years ago. And I don’t blame them (my wedding was on a palindromic date, on purpose)! I often post it on my Facebook status update when I happen to see it, so that others might feel its message as well. Sometimes people ask me what it signifies. Look at the lines of the number 1111 – forming pillars surrounding a portal. For a moment in time, you are standing at a doorway, waiting for… what? Perhaps an invitation, or a purpose, or a push? The Angels are beckoning you to step forward. They want you to know that they’re with you, and willing and ready to guide you when you ask. Many repeating, sequential or palindromic number sequences may be seen as Angelic signals – they are close, they are listening, they are ready to help. Do you keep looking at the clock when it’s exactly 2:22? Is your potential new house number 454? Meet someone intriguing whose birthday is 06/06/66? Searching for the meanings of the individual numbers may be helpful as a clue to the information and wisdom the Angels are trying to impart.

Another is the magic number three. Think about the proliferation of “threes” there are in various spiritual traditions: the holy trinity; maiden/mother/crone; three wise men; the “rule of three;” the three patriarchs and so many more. Three symbolizes the family unit, no matter how many members may comprise any particular family. Many of the important aspects of human life – birth, life, death; past, present, future; beginning, middle, end – come in threes. It has long been considered to be the “perfect number,” embodying harmony, wisdom and understanding.

Number symbology runs the gamut – as well as denoting Angelic companionship and harmony, there’s also unlucky number 13, Quinceaños/Sweet 16, lucky number seven, and, who could forget the infamous 666? The followers of Pythagoras believed that mathematics and sacred geometry could help in addressing important philosophical problems. Because numbers are intertwined with so much of what constitutes our daily lives, it’s not a leap to consider that there could be mathematical solutions to our most pressing spiritual conundrums as well.

The next time you look at a sunflower or conch shell or honeycomb; or listen to music; or repeatedly see “12:34” or “12:21,” or your birthdate on a digital clock; or watch a special about the pyramids, take a moment to appreciate the influence that numbers have on our life. Even taking into account my consternation with certain mathematical concepts, I can’t deny their beauty and power, and their undeniable and integral role in our Earthly experience.

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    1. I’ve become very conscious of what I listen to – like anything that we put into our bodies, it definitely makes a difference! And I really love seeing the double numbers and sequences – reminds me I’m never alone 🙂

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