Calling All Angels

Where do you turn for comfort and solace when things seem as if they’re spiraling out of control?  I think most people would list their families and friends first. But when you can’t be with your loved ones, where do you go?  Who else is watching out for you – who has your back?  It may be time to call on your Angels.

I’ve always had a special affinity for Angels, even as a child.  I had a few pictures of Angels in my room, and in a special prayer book that was given to me by my godmother, my Aunt T (which I believe was hers when she was a child). I remember one picture in particular, Lindberg’s painting of a Guardian Angel helping two children crossing a bridge over troubled water. I found it very comforting. I imagined my Guardian always beside me, and prayed to her every night:

Angel of God, my Guardian Dear,

To whom God’s love commits me here;

Ever this day, be at my side,

To light and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

It brought me peace, and helped me feel loved and protected.

I’m an Angel Communicator.  That means that I have a connection to the Angels, especially my Guardian Angel, whose common name is Annie, and I speak to them and receive messages in return. The story of how I first met Annie is recounted in the book to which I contributed:  365 Days of Angel Prayers (you can buy it here).

While writing the prayers I contributed to the book, I researched Angels, and learned that these special beings are even more interesting than I always thought. I learned that there are Angels, or Angel-like beings, in many cultures and traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other religious traditions. Some traditions hold that there is a complex hierarchy and community of various types of Angels, each with its own mission to help those of us in incarnate form, or to carry out the messages or will of the Divine. But to talk about the “heavenly host” of angels doesn’t convey the sheer magnitude of benevolent beings who have taken to themselves the task of protecting and guiding human beings. The count is beyond comprehension.

There are, according to lore, there are at least nine types of Angels (incidentally, a group of Angels is called a “choir”):  Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones, each of which serve the Divine; Dominions, Virtues and Powers, each of which watches over the Earthly realm; and Principalities (or Rulers), Archangels and Angels, each of which have a purpose to help human beings directly.  Guardian Angels fall into the “Angels” category.  A brief explanation of what each type of Angel is tasked to do may be found here, but the internet is a rich source of information if you Google one type or another for more details.

The types of Angels most familiar to most of us are the Angels and Archangels. There are scores of Archangels, some of whom have names many of us would recognize, and each has a different “specialty” or domain through which they help humans who ask for their intercession. Usually the Angel’s name, if one is known, holds a clue to its job. Angels often show up in my Bone readings, letting the person getting the reading know that they are ready to help, guide, comfort and protect them in times of need.  If you’re struggling and in need of Angelic intervention, consider calling one of them to your side. Because they respect our autonomy, Angels will only come to us if/when we ask them to. As a note, Angels are genderless, so if I refer to them as one sex or the other, it’s just to help the text flow better.

Here are a few Archangels whom you might consider calling to your side to help you while you’re staying safe at home:

Archangel Michael is the original Badass Warrior Angel.  Michael (whose name is ancient Hebrew for the rhetorical question “Who is Like God?”) leads the forces of heaven against enemies, including the storied battle that put down the Angel rebellion that led to the downfall of the Angel Lucifer (“Light Bringer”) and his army.  Call on Michael when you need protection, or when you are “fighting a battle,” be it with an illness, in a relationship, or with your own personal demons. Michael’s color is blue.

Archangel Gabriel is the Messenger of God.  The name Gabriel means “God is my strength.” Gabriel helps with communication issues, and in conveying messages.  If you find yourself at a loss for what to say, or feeling isolated, or having trouble getting your point across, or feel you have no one to talk to, ask Gabriel for help. Also helpful for writers, teachers, tech people, marketers, videographers (or Zoom meetingers) and anyone who communicates on a wider scale. Gabriel’s color is white.

Archangel Raphael, whose name means “God’s Healing,” is the physician Angel.  Raphael is especially helpful in times of plague or widespread illness, for those suffering from emotional, mental or physical pain, and for difficulties with toxic relationships and habits or addictions. I often call on Raphael when I’m meditating during my yoga practice, to ask him for a shot of healing energy. I can usually feel a sense of peace and well-being immediately afterward. Raphael’s color is green.

Archangel Uriel is the “Light of God.” If you think of creativity, the pursuit of knowledge, wonder and other passions that make our lives rich and enjoyable, this is the Light of Archangel Uriel. If you’re searching for wisdom in times that seem to make no sense, or feeling stuck, or drowning in a search for truth in a world that is increasingly deceptive and easily misunderstood, Uriel may help you find clarity. Uriel’s color is pink or red.

Archangel Chamuel (“Sight of God”) helps you to find things that are lacking in your life, from as profound as the meaning of existence to as mundane as your car keys.  Call on Chamuel when you are feeling that you have lost your way. Chamuel will also help when it feels that a relationship is in danger of being lost, to either help mend it, or to see that it’s best to let go. Chamuel’s colors are pale green, soft pink, and light purple.

Archangel Ariel is the “Lion of God,” and is our connection to nature and animals.  If you’re feeling like you’re getting tired of (or depressed about) the same four walls, it’s time to go out in the woods (alone is best), or cuddle a pet, or tour a virtual zoo online, and ask Ariel to guide you. Ariel is also the Faery Queen, and will help you to find and communicate with these “Angels of Earth.” Ariel’s colors are soft orange and forest green.

Archangel Azrael is the Angel of Death.  The name means “Whom God Helps,” and it is Azrael who is sent to collect the Spirits of those who are transitioning over at the end of their earthly life.  Azrael’s gentle care ensures that the person feels peaceful, safe and unafraid at the point of death and in getting to the other side. If you have lost someone, or fear death, or obsess about dying, call on Azrael to help. Azrael’s colors are black and shining white.

These are just a few of the benevolent Spirits who are willing to help us through our darkest of times, if we only ask. How can you speak with an Archangel? One way is through meditation. I know that some folks have a hard time meditating, because it’s so difficult to calm the mind, which is the first step to finding that deep sense of relaxation that typifies the meditative state. But practice is the only way to learn. Lie or sit in a dim, quiet, warm place and breathe slowly and deeply. Focus on each breath – count, focus on birds singing or music (especially soft voices without words – reminiscent of “choirs of Angels”) and try not to think about anything else. If you find your mind wandering, just bring it back into focus and calm, without judgment or worry. Relax your body one part at a time, moving from feet to crown, and let your body sink and become heavy and soft. Then picture your Angel’s color surrounding and enveloping you, and think of the name. Feel the peace and calm that Angels bring. Smile. Ask for help in your own words – in any way that feels comfortable. Once you build a relationship with a particular Angel, you may call upon that Angel in any way and at any time you feel comfortable, and the Angel will be at your side. Feel and relax into the feeling of calm and peace that accompanies the Angel’s presence.

And, don’t forget the Spirits that are, at least for me, the closest and most personal helpmate to be found – our Guardian Angels. My Guardian has many names, but I have called her “Annie” since the day she first revealed herself to me during a healing session. I call on her often to guide me through my most difficult of times, to help me find patience and clarity, and sometimes just to laugh at the foibles of humanity. She has become one of my closest and most reliable friends. I have learned to have a personal relationship with Annie, and it is easy for you to connect with and have a relationship with your Angel as well.  Contact me to learn more.

You are not alone. This may be unprecedented in our lifetime, but, like anything unfamiliar, it takes some getting used to. Changing our habits and our way of looking at things, seeing this period as a time of rest and healing rather than torture and punishment, will go a long way toward making the time go faster and feel more healing. Ask your Angels to guide you through. Stay home, stay safe, Namaste and Blessed Be.

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